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23 September 2010 @ 04:32 pm
I haven't been photoshopping for a long time. Sorry! But I'll still run this community so, be on the look out. It's just that I have huge time gaps between posts. ^-^

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[27] hey!say!jump
[02] perfume
[02] 2ne1
[03] ueto aya
[17] mblaq
[14] shinee
[37] u-kiss

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Okay my graphics are rotting on my harddrive.
They've been rotting for months because I never finish my graphics batches and just start new ones. So this is the wallpaper portion.

→ im seulong (x4 various sizes)
→ jokwon (x4 various sizes)

→ CN Blue (x1)
→ 2AM (x2)
→ SHINee (x1)
→ U-Kiss (x8)

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