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[28;; twitter layouts]

I haven't been photoshopping for a long time. Sorry! But I'll still run this community so, be on the look out. It's just that I have huge time gaps between posts. ^-^

Background: f58cb4

Background: 000000 

Background: 000000 

Background: 967059

This is 1598x740 in dimension (because that's what fits my twitter).
If it doesn't fit yours, comment here with a screenshot of your twitter page so I can adjust the size. (Do not resize your screenshot!)

Background Colour (although it doesn't particularly matter for this one): f9e5a9
Suggested Text: 9c969c
Suggested Links: fa89ab
Suggested Sidebar: f2d78e

*right click, view image; for full size.

I'll make a batch two next week, with more like the format i used for Thunder's (the pink one). /too busy right now/

Please comment if taking. Comment even if you're not? :Db
Tags: 2am: jokwon, brown eyed girls: son ga-in, mblaq: thunder, shinee: key, twitter backgrounds
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