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box, box, box, box! ★
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kpop; jpop; cpop graphics community

G R A P H I C S + B L O G C R E W S .
HI! If you're here, then you probably had a little bit of interest in graphics or blogcrews. So stick around; join or watch this graphics community of mine to see my future updates? :D

So anyway...more about this "boxified" community.
So how did this name come to be? Well. It's quite simple actually : One day, Selena (me) decided to create a graphics journal for herself. But she has a hard time thinking of names. For example, it took over a week to think of a name for my regular journal. But anyway, the reason for "boxified" is that you are very, very likely viewing this page from a computer, or some electronic device of some sort that's shaped like a square/rectangle, etc. It looks like a box, correct? The amazing, magical box that helps you pass time and...do whatever you do. :D
And that's how the name came to be. What it has to do with a graphics community, i don't know. But whatever, it's catchy enough for me to remember ;D
A typical fangirl of asian entertainment. Loves anything Japanese, Chinese, Korean-related. Totally in love with Daiki Arioka of Hey!Say!JUMP, and also Yaotome Hikaru.
I know it's not realistic to think I'll get to marry them or whatever, but I want to meet them. XD
Hey. Its what a fangirl dreams of. Meeting their idols.
So yeah, a lot of graphics in this community may be a bit fandom-biased...
I am starting to try doing some general/stock stuffs though :D

And IF you were wondering..
My name's Selena, I'm currently 15 years old, Chinese and living in Canada.

mintyapple; CSS heaven♥

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My Personal LJ
profile code: boxified.

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